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Apr 15 , 2020

China Southern Power Grid Accelerates the Construction of New Infrastructure Projects

Ultra-high voltage transmission lines, artificial intelligence and new energy vehicle charging piles are the major projects in this round of construction

Guangzhou - Spanning 1,500 km … and starting from Kunming, Yunnan province in the west to Guangxi to Guangdong province here in the east … the Kunliulong DC Transmission Project is the world's first UHV Mutil-terminal Hybrid DC Project and UHV Multi-terminal DC Demonstration Project.
Currently, tens of thousands of workers are busy laying, installing and adjusting transmission lines along the project line.
In response to the global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, China Southern Power Grid has stepped up the construction of new infrastructure projects, including UHVDC, artificial intelligence (AI) and new energy vehicle charging piles.
UHVDC: Construction Project Requiring Independent Technical Breakthroughs
Researchers at the National Engineering Laboratory for UHV Engineering Technology are carrying out a series operation of converter valves and other time-sensitive experiments as they battle a “smokeless war” alongside those working on the Kunliulong DC Project.
As the driving force of UHVDC technology, researchers at the CSG Electric Power Research Institute have successively tackled world-class challenges in just a few years, such as insulating properties, electromagnetic environment, equipment development and experimental technology under UHV and ultra-high current applications.
“The application of Kunliulong DC technology has allowed for technical breakthroughs to enter into a new phase of success. During the project construction, our team have had to master a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights,” said Li Yan, a senior technical expert of China Southern Power Grid.
Mr. Yan added that, “since the project is scheduled to be placed into operation before August 30 2020, we are fully engaged in construction work to meet this tight deadline.
Concurrently, the Yunnan-Guizhou Interconnection Project also faces similar situations and CSG's efforts in advancements of these two major projects not only  optimizes the allocation of clean energy, in accordance with the West-East Power Transmission Project, but also serves to boost the company's innovative capacities and global competitiveness.
Engineers at China Southern Power Grid are developing two West-East DC Power Transmission Projects and two Pumped Storage Power Projects with a total investment of more than 48.8 billion yuan. These dual projects will drive the growth of domestic equipment manufacturing of transformers, reactors, and optical fibers for communication and stimulate the investment and employment of the upstream and downstream industrial chain.
Speeding Up Applied AI to the Power Grid
In terms of the application of AI in the construction of new infrastructure projects, the senior leaders of China Southern Power Grid have directed the enrichment of AI  application scenarios based on features unique to the power grid industry.
On March 29, CSG recorded 139 million kW of unified maximum load and 2.738 TWh of power that was generated and sold. Just a day prior, CSG engineers used the Load Forecast Template of AI in the Dispatching Cockpit and successfully “predicted” these figures.
According to Liang Shouyu, a “professor-level” senior engineer and director of CDAI innovation studios of CSG Control Center, “this set of forecast templates was put into trial operation in mid-March, which helps dispatchers get rid of the time-consuming and laborious work of manual calculation. What's more, we expect it to gradually become a powerful 'weapon' for China Southern Power Grid to achieve advanced load forecasting, adjust the operation mode of the power grid, and guarantee the reliability of the power supply.”
Mr. Liang added that, “data can be collected by tracking the change of load and electricity across the country, network and each province and region on a monthly basis and analyzing the influence of weather, economy, industrial power consumption and operation rate of major industries. We only need to input the data into the template, and it will automatically calculate the load and electricity of the next day.”
Mr. Liang also said that the, “application of AI technology to load forecasting is one of the examples of the integration of intelligent technology into CSG's production. Following the idea of ‘smart equipment and smart operation’, China Southern Power Grid will mainly promote intelligent image recognition, automatic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) inspection, cable tunnel robot inspection, optical fiber vibration for online monitoring and other well-developed technologies in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period. Additionally, it will apply new technologies like the high precision positioning technology based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, UAV cluster operation and amphibious robot inspection in pilot projects.
The Construction of Charging Facilities Will Receive an Investment of 25.1 Billion RMB
The new infrastructure projects will serve as a new growth impetus for the company's development and as a state-owned enterprise, China Southern Power Grid has taken the initiative to digitize its production, marketing and industrial cooperation to enhance its core competitiveness and seek new paths in the transitional development featuring new businesses, new industries and new services.
One of the remarkable application examples is the construction of new energy vehicle charging piles. The vehicle charging piles not only serves as a physical charging pile for all-electric vehicles but also offer the functions of the smart grid, internet, Internet of Things and big data.
Data shows that by December 2019, China Southern Power Grid has invested more than 3.10 billion RMB in the construction of 316,000 charging piles and accumulated 450 million kWh of charging power with near limitless expansion and application opportunities awaiting further exploration.
In the near future, CSG senior managers has plans that call for the distribution of centralized charging stations in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hainan free trade zone and the major metropolitan cities in Guangxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou provinces.
In the following four years, according to senior managers of the CSG Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSG, the Company will invest 25.1 billion yuan in the construction of charging facilities for the completion of 150 large-scale centralized charging stations and 380,000 charging piles.

The ±800 kW Longmen Converter Station (one of the terminal stations of the Kunliulong DC Project) is under extensive construction

The ±800 kW Longmen Converter Station (one of the terminal stations of the Kunliulong DC Project) is under extensive construction