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Voluntary service

Voluntary Services

Based on the advantages and resources of the company, a volunteer information management system was built to enable volunteers from various areas to provide multi-domain voluntary services, transmitting the Positive Energy of CSG. 90,000 hours of voluntary services were provided by 21,370 people in one year.

Poverty allevation work

CSG is dedicated to assisting the development of poverty-striken areas by increasing investment in those areas and establishing a Blood Generating mechanism to eliminate poverty and inspire the locals. 30,299,000 RMB was donated to the striken-poverty areas. 


Provide relief for disaster-striken areas

Disasters have no mercy, but humans do. As a State-Owned Enterprise, CSG truly displays the sense for Corporate Social Responsibility in times of difficulties brought by such natural disasters as earthquake and typhoon, conducting emergency repair and organizing donation events to make sure normal life in the disaster-striken area is restored.

Lighting up dreams public service activity in the aftermath of typhoon Rammasun

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